The Tea Nomad

The Tea Nomad
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The Tea Nomad - Gift Set

Enjoy three of The Tea Nomad's artisanal blends in this luxurious gift set, perfect for the travel l..


The Tea Nomad - Kyoto

Memories of Kyoto recall an incredibly zen, quietly inspiring place. A sense of calm prevails, with ..


The Tea Nomad - Maldives

Maldives embodies barefoot luxury to us. The soft lapping of clear aqua waves, the finest whitest sa..


The Tea Nomad - Provence

This romantic The Team Nomad blend - Provence - has been handcrafted to transport you to the intoxic..


The Tea Nomad - Sahara

The majesty of the Sahara is pure wanderlust. Under an endless spectrum of sky, flawless peaks rise ..


The Tea Nomad - Shanghai

The pearl of the orient retains an old world charm. Step away from the hustle, and you’ll uncover sl..


The Tea Nomad - Sydney

Inspired by endless summer vibes and relaxed days by the beach, this blend celebrates what makes Syd..