Oleria Emporium

Oleria Emporium
These Oleria Emporium beauties look gorgeous and smell delicious! The epitome of visual elegance, we love these unique statement pieces fused with designer glassware and hand-crafted with natural soy. Enjoy a range of exquisite aromas that soothe the senses, symbolise celebration, mark romance, define ceremony, accent the home and make delightful gifts. Each piece is hand-poured with detail and dedication to the craft in Oleria Emporium Sydney Northern Beaches candle lab. Best of all, these beauties are chemical free, cruelty free, natural and synthetic fragrance free. You can use all of the ranges as body moisturisers or natural perfumes. Mmmmm  
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Oleria Emporium Beeswax Beauty Candle

Housed in opulent crystal cut design vessels, Oleria Emporium Beeswax Beauty Candle not only glow a ..


Oleria Emporium Beeswax Beauty Refill Pack

Oleria Emporium Beeswax Beauty Vessels are simply divine, which is why they should be enjoyed many t..