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If you're looking to purchase DMK products online please read:

Danne Montague-King (DMK) skincare products may only be purchased online, or at Integrity Paramedical Skin Practitioners clinic following a consultation with one of our skin practitioners.

DMK is prescription only and a therapeutic skincare line.

If you would like to book a consultation please feel free to call 07 38494111 email clientservices@integrityskin.com.au or book online at your convenience http://www.integrityskin.com.au/bookings/

We look forward to helping you achieve your skin goals.

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DMK Actrol Powder 30g

DMK Actrol PowderDMK Actrol Powder soaks up excess sebaceous oils and fluids with this powder formul..

DMK Acu-Therm 5ml

DMK Acu-ThermDMK Acu-Therm is a potent Home Prescriptive therm, minimises breakouts and is designed ..

DMK Contraderm Crème 30ml

DMK Contraderm CrèmeDMK Contraderm Crème is an anti-trauma formula for skin. Specifically designed f..

DMK Epitoxyl 60ml

DMK EpitoxylDMK Epitoxyl includes an upgraded formulation that detoxifies in a better way;  the..

DMK Eye Tone 15ml

DMK Eye ToneA synergistic approach to eye care, DMK Eye Tone crème targets dark circles, fine lines,..

DMK Masque Brush

DMK Masque BrushDMK Masque Brush recommended for the application of the DMK Actrol powder product...

DMK Revise-A 30ml

DMK Revise-ADMK Revise-A is designed for skins that are on a maintenance program. This vitamin A der..

DMK Revitosin 60ml

DMK RevitosinDMK Revitosin promises to be the next generation in high performance retinoids.Like any..

DMK Soleil Defence SPF50+ 200ml 2-3 Days

DMK Soleil Defence SPF50+ 200ml

DMK Soleil Defence SPF50+DMK Soleil Defence SPF50+ is designed to block the sun and not your pores. ..

DMK Soleil Protect SPF15 120ml

DMK Soleil Protect SPF15DMK Soleil Protect SPF15 is fine for use on acne prone or oily skin, as well..