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If you're looking to purchase DMK products online please read:

Danne Montague-King (DMK) skincare products may only be purchased online, or at Integrity Paramedical Skin Practitioners clinic following a consultation with one of our skin practitioners.

DMK is prescription only and a therapeutic skincare line.

If you would like to book a consultation please feel free to call 07 38494111 email or book online at your convenience

We look forward to helping you achieve your skin goals.

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DMK Alpha Acu Masque 60ml Out Of Stock

DMK Alpha Acu Masque 60ml

DMK Alpha Acu MasqueDMK Alpha Acu Masque is a versatile home maintenance masque recommended for acne..

DMK Alpha Hydrating Masque 60ml

DMK Alpha Hydrating MasqueGood hydration is essential for healthy, youthful looking skin. Add the bo..

DMK Alpha Micro Peel 180ml

DMK Alpha Micro PeelDMK Alpha Micro Peel is a fresh glowing appearance is only a micro peel away! DM..

DMK Exoderma Peel 60ml

DMK Exoderma PeelDMK Exoderma Peel is a gentle exfoliating formula that helps exfoliate dead, dry sk..

DMK Foamy Lift and Exoderma Peel Complete Home Masque Kit

DMK Foamy Lift and Exoderma Peel Complete Home Masque KitEnhancing your results between treatments h..

DMK Foamy Lift Mask 30g

DMK Foamy Lift MaskDMK Foamy Lift Mask works to gently exfoliate, remove impurities and debris, as w..