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If you're looking to purchase DMK products online please read:

Danne Montague-King (DMK) skincare products may only be purchased online, or at Integrity Paramedical Skin Practitioners clinic following a consultation with one of our skin practitioners.

DMK is prescription only and a therapeutic skincare line.

If you would like to book a consultation please feel free to call 07 38494111 email or book online at your convenience

We look forward to helping you achieve your skin goals.

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DMK Acu Crème 60ml

DMK Acu CrèmeDMK Acu Crème controls congested skin through mildly exfoliating dead skin cells and pu..

DMK Acu-Klear 30ml

DMK Acu-KlearDMK Acu-Klear is designed to dry up existing acne and prevent future breakouts, ACU-KLE..

DMK Acu-Moist SPF15 50ml

DMK Acu-Moist SPF15DMK Acu-Moist SPF15 is a gentle rebalancing prescriptive moisturiser, that is lig..

DMK Betagen Crème 30ml

DMK Betagen CrèmeDMK Betagen Crème known as DMK’s emergency crème,  Betagen Crème's unique form..

DMK Biogen C Crème 50ml

DMK Biogen C CrèmeDMK Biogen C Crème is an instant pick-me-up crème designed to tone and tighten dul..

DMK Crème Citrique 50ml

DMK Crème CitriqueDMK Crème Citrique is a unique crème designed to maintain the skin’s pH balance to..

DMK Fine Line Eye Crème 30ml

DMK Fine Line Eye CrèmeDMK Fine Line Eye Crème is suitable for application around the eye, neck, top..

DMK Hydroloc Crème 50ml

DMK Hydroloc CrèmeDMK Hydroloc Crème will lock moisture into dry, flaking skin with this powerful lu..

DMK Melanotech Crème 30ml

DMK Melanotech CrèmeDMK Melanotech Crème aids in cell respiration and oxygenation using powerful ant..

DMK Nite Firming Crème 60ml

DMK Nite Firming CrèmeDMK Nite Firming Crème is a specialised crème designed to revise the signs of ..

DMK Pro Amino Crème 60ml

DMK Pro Amino CrèmeDMK Pro Amino Crème restores balance to youthful skins. Formulated with the 8 ess..

DMK Red Vein Crème 15ml

DMK Red Vein CrèmeDMK Red Vein Crème assists in the reduction of red swollen veins and can work to r..

DMK Super Bright 60ml Out Of Stock

DMK Super Bright 60ml

DMK Super BrightDMK Super Bright brightens skin without the side effects of harmful toxins or making..