Skincare For Rebel Souls

Skincare For Rebel Souls

Why do boho babes get all the good stuff? Natural ingredients, skin-nourishing benefits, healing properties and brands that get their vibe...

What about us divas with wild and untameable souls who prefer our aesthetics LOUD... don’t we deserve the same treatment? HELL TO THE YES! But instead, companies try to sell us rubbish products loaded with chemicals that are bad for our health and the environment.

NO MORE! Sass + Co. Body means that you’ll never again have to choose between: A skincare product that speaks to your rebellious spirit but is full of nasty toxins...

... AND...

A natural product that’s good for your skin but smells like a pot-pourri factory and is wrapped up in a cutesy floral package...

... because our exquisite creations are founded on the dichotomy of Earth Goddess and Rebel Soul.

Sass + Co. Body kicks against the norm with a bold body-care range that speaks to the vixen within

while completely nourishing your sexy-ass skin.

Our Products Are:

● Jam-packed with lush natural ingredients, including 100% pure essential oils, infused botanical extracts, rich hydrating butters and skin-protecting antioxidants.

● Designed to exfoliate, hydrate, soothe, heal and protect.

● Infused with an intoxicatingly earthy aroma – not a rose petal in sight!

● Made in Australia with vegan ingredients.

● Free from petrochemicals, palm oil, nanoparticles and microbeads.

● Tested only on the most vibrant of humans.

● Packaged in reusable and recyclable PET containers.

● Sealed with rad packaging and an anchor badge of attitude.

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