The Tea Nomad

The Tea Nomad

The Tea Nomad aspires to craft experiences that capture the heart and art of travel. These teas are about living a travel-inspired life, indulging a love for travel from the comfort of home. Enjoy tea journeys that awaken your senses, spark your curiosity and ignite your travel desires. Each blend is The Tea Nomad's love letter to a travel memory or dream. They have curated natural ingredients that together represent their interpretation of what embodies the essence of a place. Authenticity is key, so these teas are hand-blended in small batches using organic ingredients as much as possible. Just as travel arouses the senses, The Tea Nomad teas are designed to be visually evocative with scents that linger and a taste that will set your travel dreams adrift.

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The Tea Nomad - Gift Set

Enjoy three of The Tea Nomad's artisanal blends in this luxurious gift set, perfect for the travel l..


The Tea Nomad - Kyoto

Memories of Kyoto recall an incredibly zen, quietly inspiring place. A sense of calm prevails, with ..


The Tea Nomad - Maldives

Maldives embodies barefoot luxury to us. The soft lapping of clear aqua waves, the finest whitest sa..


The Tea Nomad - Provence

This romantic The Team Nomad blend - Provence - has been handcrafted to transport you to the intoxic..


The Tea Nomad - Sahara

The majesty of the Sahara is pure wanderlust. Under an endless spectrum of sky, flawless peaks rise ..


The Tea Nomad - Shanghai

The pearl of the orient retains an old world charm. Step away from the hustle, and you’ll uncover sl..


The Tea Nomad - Sydney

Inspired by endless summer vibes and relaxed days by the beach, this blend celebrates what makes Syd..