Edible Beauty Australia

Edible Beauty Australia

Developed by naturopath and nutritionist Anna Mitsios, Edible Beauty Australia offers luxurious "edible" skincare products,  "beauty" teas and wellness supplements containing therapeutic botanicals and wildcrafted Australian ingredients designed to have you glowing both inside and out.  Anna is passionate about using nutrition through food and herbs to achieve radiance, vitality and bountiful youth.

The radiance of our energy, skin and personality is a direct reflection of what we put on and in it – we are what we eat – as the saying goes. The Edible Beauty Australia product range epitomises purity, luxury and quality, as well as the wellbeing and longevity of the skin, body and mind.

Edible.  So good you can eat it.  

We pledge that our products are literally good enough, and safe enough to eat. They contain no ingredients that would not also enter your mouth. We believe that skincare should be therapeutic, luxurious and safe. Our edible beauty promise to you … If you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, we won’t put it in our products.

Pure. Free from unnecessary chemicals. 

All our products are free from Parabens, Sulfates, Petrochemicals, Artificial Fragrances, EDTAs, Preservatives, Silicones, Benzyl Alcohol, Aluminium, Synthetic Dyes and Triclosan.

Botanical. The highest grade plant-based ingredients. 

We are passionate about sourcing therapeutic evidence-based botanicals that keep you glowing both inside and out. Every ingredient in our products has been consciously selected based on its proven therapeutic actions and is teeming with restorative and regenerating nutrients to help nourish your skin, body and mind.. Our products proudly contain a number of Australian native herbs which are brimming with unique antioxidant and healing properties.

Wildcrafted.  The most pure, exotic and therapeutically effective plants. 

Edible Beauty Australia products contain an abundance of unique Australian wildcrafted plants. Grown in their natural habitat, these ingredients are unique in their abundance of antioxidants, developed in order that they can survive the harsh conditions of the remote and arid regions where they grow. This antioxidant defence system transfers to our skin resulting in potent therapeutic and regenerating actions.

Luxury. We do not compromise on sensual delights.

We believe that healthy and therapeutic should also be luxurious. The taste, scent, touch and inherent energy of our products is deliberately and carefully crafted to ensure your beauty experience is always a gastronomic, olfactory and tactile delight.

Ethical and Cruelty Free. We are vegan, earth and animal and friendly.

Edible Beauty Australia believes luxurious beauty should still be ethical. Our products contain no animal ingredients and are never tested on animals.

Our Packaging. The Edible skincare range is packaged in recyclable dark violet glass chosen for its unique ability to preserve the integrity of natural products and extend their shelf life. Beautiful Miron Violet Glass packaging distinguishes the Edible Beauty Australia range from other glass packaged products. 

This is no ordinary glass! The glass is created using a special technology which was first developed as early as 1600 AD when it was used as a container for energetic medicine.  The secret of this special glass is that it blocks the complete spectrum of visible light with the exception of violet light and UVA light. This unique combination offers protection against the ageing and oxidation caused by visible light, which lengthens the life of our pure botanical ingredients and increases their vibrational energy.  Interestingly violet light shows the highest vibrational frequency of all colours, corresponding exactly to the vibrational frequency of our central nervous system.

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