Inspired By Nature, Luxury Scented Candles Made of Earth-Friendly Coconut Wax

Inspired By Nature, Luxury Scented Candles Made of Earth-Friendly Coconut Wax

Australian brand Cocolux (Coco ~ refers to Coconut and Lux ~ Latin for light) has shaken up the home fragrance market by putting eco considerations at the heart of its product design.


Inspired by nature, the brand’s luxury scented candles are made of earth-friendly coconut wax, at a time when the majority of candles still contain petroleum derived paraffin and unsustainably produced soy wax.


​In addition, Cocolux candles come in pure copper, brass and onyx vessels which can be fully recycled or up-cycled once the wax has melted.  Re-purposed as containers for flower arrangements, pens or beauty brush holders, they become chic home décor collectibles to mix and match.

Environmental VALUES

​By reconciling environmental values with luxury, Cocolux has hit a chord with trendsetters and key store buyers, securing prime shelf space at major department stores around the world in just over two years, from its humble beginnings in a Sydney home garage.

Inspired BY NATURE

​Meisha Strykowski, Cocolux founder and creative director explains:

​“The idea for Cocolux came as I was expecting my second child. I had an addiction to scented candles. It is at that time that I started to look into the composition of the candles I was burning and discovered that wax paraffin was a bi-product of petroleum hydrogenated. I also learned about the significant deforestation associated with the production of soy and palm and decided to come up with a sustainable, all natural alternative. It took a year of trial and error mixing in my kitchen to develop the pure coconut-based wax for our candles.”

Sustainable  PRODUCTION

​“Organic by nature, coconut wax comes from its raw material, the coconut flesh. Production is sustainable and free from toxins, the use of pesticides and the need for deforestation. Cocolux candles are guaranteed to be free from soy, palm and paraffin wax free.

All our ingredients are also cruelty-free.  Our respect for nature, and commitment to act responsibly, sits at the heart of our brand philosophy.”

Ethically SOURCED

​“All our products are made in Australia from local and carefully sourced materials. We research suppliers according to their ethical track record, as well as the quality of what they have to offer.”

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