Edible Beauty

Edible Beauty

Edible Beauty Australia offers luxurious edible skincare products, beauty teas and wellness supplements containing therapeutic botanicals and wildcrafted Australian ingredients designed to have you glowing both inside and out. We love the fact that the products were developed by a naturopath and nutritionist, Anna Mitsios. Edible Beauty believe that skincare should be therapeutic, luxurious and safe.

The taste, scent, touch and inherent energy of these products is deliberately and carefully crafted to ensure your beauty experience is always a gastronomic, olfactory and tactile delight. The products are literally good enough and safe enough to eat and are free from Parabens, Sulfates, Petrochemicals, Artificial Fragrances, EDTAs, Preservatives, Silicones, Benzyl Alcohol, Aluminium, Synthetic Dyes and Triclosan.

Every ingredient has been consciously selected based on their proven therapeutic actions and are teeming with restorative and regenerating nutrients to help nourish your skin, body and mind. The products contain a number of Australian native herbs and wildcrafted plants, which are brimming with unique antioxidant and healing properties.\

Vegan, earth- and animal-friendly. Specialist recyclable glass that preserves the integrity of natural products and extends shelf life.


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Edible Beauty Bloom of Youth Infusion Mask

ANTI-AGEING | PLUMPING | ILLUMINATINGEdible Beauty Bloom of Youth Infusion Mask takes express beauty..