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Theseeke Blue Clay Cleanse Bar

Theseeke Blue Clay cleanse bar contains blue clay, which is known for clarifying the skin and helpin..


Theseeke Breathe Botanical Facial Steam

Theseeke Breathe Botanical Facial Steam contains an aromatic blend of eucalyptus leaves, lemon ..


Theseeke Breathe Floral Facial Steam

Theseeke  Breathe Floral Facial Steam contains an aromatic blend of rose buds, calendula flower..


Theseeke Cleanse Hand & Body Wash

Theseeke Cleanse Liquid WashSize 250mlActivated Charcoal & Kakadu Plum Liquid WashCleanse organi..


Theseeke Cleanse Liquid Wash Travel Size

This activated charcoal and kakadu plum liquid wash by Theseeke is made from coconut and sunflower o..


Theseeke Ghassoul Cream Cleanser

Moroccan Clay Cream CleanserSize 50mlGhassoul comes from the arabic word “ghassala”, meaning “to was..


Theseeke Pink Clay Cleanse Bar

FRENCH PINK CLAY & ROSE GERANIUM CLEANSE BARTheseeke Pink Clay Cleanse Bar gently draws toxins f..


Theseeke Restoring Multi Use Beauty Oil

Theseeke Restoring Moisturising Oil is a multi-use beauty oil. Apricot kernel oil and camellia oil a..