Theseeke products are designed to encourage you to slow down and appreciate the simple things and moments in life. Theseeke uses natural plant-based ingredients to create simple, clean skincare products that are made in small handcrafted batches in Sydney Australia. Theseeke are continually researching new ingredients to provide the most cutting-edge plant based active ingredients as well as those beautiful natural ingredients that are tried and true

Theseeke was founded in 2015 with the aim of uniting natural and organic beauty brands in support of a more holistic vision of honesty, integrity, community and sustainability. Their products are vegan friendly, full of natural and organic ingredients without harmful chemicals and toxins, simple and uncomplicated in their formulations, handcrafted in Australia and animal-friendly.

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Theseeke Balance Elixir Balancing Face Oil 30ml

Theseeke Balance "Balancing Face Oil" uses a mix of precious oils to purify and balance the skin. Jo..


Theseeke Balance Elixir Roll On Balancing Face Oil 10ml

Theseeke Balance "Balancing Face Oil" (10ml roll on) uses a mix of precious oils to purify and balan..


Theseeke Blue Clay Cleanse Bar

Theseeke Blue Clay cleanse bar contains blue clay, which is known for clarifying the skin and helpin..


Theseeke Breathe Botanical Facial Steam

Theseeke Breathe Botanical Facial Steam contains an aromatic blend of eucalyptus leaves, lemon ..


Theseeke Breathe Floral Facial Steam

Theseeke  Breathe Floral Facial Steam contains an aromatic blend of rose buds, calendula flower..


Theseeke Brighten Up Temple Balm

Theseeke Brighten Up Temple Balm is for those who need to focus and revitalise. Great for freshening..


Theseeke Caffeine Scrub

Theseeke Caffeine Scrub is an organic and fair trade dry coffee and lavender body scrub, which may h..


Theseeke Calm It Down Temple Balm

Theseeke  Calm It Down Temple Balm is your new best friend. Great for when youʼre feeling anxio..


Theseeke Citrus Scrub

Invigorate, exfoliate and purify your skin with this luxe salt scrub - Theseeke Sweet Orange and Cam..


Theseeke Clay Mask Brush

Theseeke Clay Mask BrushGet the perfect coverage for your mask with our Clay Mask Brush, they can al..


Theseeke Cleanse Hand & Body Wash

Theseeke Cleanse Liquid WashSize 250mlActivated Charcoal & Kakadu Plum Liquid WashCleanse organi..


Theseeke Cleanse Liquid Wash Travel Size

This activated charcoal and kakadu plum liquid wash by Theseeke is made from coconut and sunflower o..


Theseeke Dark Rose & Oud Wood Soy Candle

Theseeke Dark Rose & Oud Wood Soy Candle features the scent of Rose, Geranium, Saffron, Pepper, ..


Theseeke Ghassoul Cream Cleanser

Moroccan Clay Cream CleanserSize 50mlGhassoul comes from the arabic word “ghassala”, meaning “to was..


Theseeke Kissy Kissy Lip Balm

Kissy Kissy Lip Balm is a simple moisturising lip balm with a subtle straw scent. It contains a pure..


Theseeke Lemongrass Essential Soy Candle

Theseeke Lemongrass Essential Soy Candle features the scent of Lemongrass essential oil. Made from 1..